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August 2014

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The Five “W’s” of Online School

Michelle Shirk
Brick and mortar education is so old school. Today’s online academic programs allow Ohio students to learn anywhere life takes them....more >>

Prepping for Preschool

Megan Noel
As a former preschool teacher myself, the first day of school was always full of emotion — excitement, apprehension and maybe even a few tears....more >>

Perfectionist Kids

Steffy McCourt
It seems like a problem that really isn’t one — a child who is obsessed with achieving top grades in school. The irony is that this preoccupation often gets in the way of real learning....more >>

Ten Tips for Talking to Tweens

Jennifer Garcia
As any parent of a tween knows, this stage of development comes with its own unique set of challenges. Tweens operate in that gray area between child and full blown teenager - straddling both worlds simultaneously....more >>

The Modern Military Parent

Molly Blake
My daughter is slated this fall to attend her fourth school in five years — and she’s not exactly thrilled about yet another move and another new school....more >>

August Happenings

Lisa Seibert
Although August signals the end of summer as children return to school, there is still no shortage of things to do....more >>

Making a Move

Sarah Bricker-Hunt
Moving is difficult — it takes real strength to pack one’s life into boxes and endure the exhausting process of hauling it through town, in the next state or across the country....more >>

Backpack Safety

Dayton Children’s Hospital
The back to school season is overflowing with the fresh and new. New routines, new activities, new teachers, new classes....more >>
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Twigs Kids Sports Center
Ongoing Every Mon & Thu.

Pony Rides @ Carriage Hill Farm

Carriage Hill Farm and MetroPark
Occurring Each Saturday Beginning Saturday, August 23, 2014 Through Saturday, October 25, 2014.
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