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March 2015

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Parenting today’s techno kids If you’re like many parents, you probably have a love/hate relationship with technology when it comes to your children....more >>

Making the call

Julie Young
"Can I have a cell phone?" It’s a question today’s parents expect to be asked at some point during their child rearing years, but one which lacks a clear-cut answer....more >>

Surrounded by Selfies

Summer Daily
Are selfies related to self-esteem? Do too many selfies indicate narcissistic tendencies? Or are selfies just a harmless trend currently popular in social media? The answer seems to be as individual as ...more >>


Sarah Bricker-Hunt
"I just don’t feel like going," 15-year-old Ella insists as she slams her bedroom door. "Maybe next time. I need to check my email....more >>

The Measles Vaccination

Dayton Childrenís Hospital Dr. Mom Squad
Dayton Children’s urges parents to make sure their children are current on their vaccinations, on the heels of a measles outbreak linked to a California amusement park....more >>

Ohio Adventures

Michelle Shirk
Still firming up your family’s spring break travel plans? You don’t need to leave the state to have a great vacation....more >>

Happy Trails branded content

Five Rivers MetroParks
Horseback riding is a great way to explore the outdoors. Kids and adults alike can enjoy fresh air and the pleasure that comes from interacting with horses....more >>

Photo Overflow

Sarah McCosham
Gone are the days of forgetting your camera to take pictures — as long as you have your phone, you have a camera....more >>

The Modern Military Parent

Molly Blake
We all know "the look." The look our service member has when he or she is about to break some bad or unforeseen news to us....more >>

Footnotes: Thoughts from the margins of a momís life

Kelly Blewett
My parents recently came down with serious colds. I found myself at the grocery store late in the evening buying them a round of feel-better-soon foods: a roasted chicken, orange juice, whole fruit, Gatorade ...more >>
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