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January 2015

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Whatís Cool at Public School

Lauren Lawson
Student engagement is the spark that lights a flame of interest, which can ignite a fire that grows into a passion....more >>

Education 101

Sarah Bricker-Hunt
Greater Dayton is home to a wide variety of school alternatives. While parents are fortunate to have so many choices available, the sheer number of options can leave one wondering where to start....more >>

Fast Friends

Sarah Bricker-Hunt
Navigating the waters of childhood friendships can be surprisingly difficult for parents. How do help your kids learn how to make friends? What if your child has a friend you don’t like? Should ...more >>

Weight Gain, Exercise and Nutrition for Kids

Dayton Childrenís and Kohlís Cares A Minute for Kids
A number of factors contribute to becoming overweight or obese. Genetics, lifestyle habits, or a combination of both may be involved....more >>

Preparing for the IEP Meeting

Sarah McCosham
When her daughter was in second grade, Dayton mom Melissa S. knew that something wasn’t quite right. "She was inconsistent with her grades and wasn’t keeping up," she recalls....more >>

Going Overboard

Jennifer Garcia
From elementary school science projects to college applications, kids look to their parents for guidance. But at what point is our help no longer helpful? The boundary isn’t always clear and a parent’s ...more >>

True Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad

Pete Gilbert
Most weekdays I eat breakfast with my kids. But during the week, I'm rushed at breakfast time. This block of time is not only reserved for eating, but also for putting the finishing touches on school ...more >>

Ask the Teacher

Deb Krupowicz
How do I know what to suggest to my third grade son to read? When I go to the bookstore or to the library, I am so overwhelmed....more >>

Footnotes: Thoughts from the margins of a momís life

Kelly Blewett
I have two toddlers, which means I have two heads, two necks and four little hands to keep covered in winter gear — not to mention the four feet, which seem to require so many socks and boots! I ...more >>

The Modern Military Parent

Molly Blake
In a rather frightening bulletin issued jointly by the FBI and The Department of Homeland Security, U.S. military members were urged to rid their social media profiles and online presence of personal ...more >>
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